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Providing and creating solutions for the past, present, and future of your documents

Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions is Eastern Iowa’s preferred provider of services for the organization, storage, retrieval, digitization, and preservation of records and documents. Our primary purpose is to manage the lifecycle of records, from creation or receipt to eventual disposition or archival preservation.

With AdvantageDS3, your records and critical documents are safe, secure, efficiently managed and economically stored. We offer a full-service records management center in Cedar Rapids.

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May 10, 2024
Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions for Heathcare Providers

The healthcare industry in Iowa is a vital sector that requires efficient document management practices to ensure the delivery of high-quality patient care, regulatory compliance, and data security. ADS3 provides secure offsite storage and document scanning services to Iowa’s hospitals, clinics, labs, research facilities, and insurance providers to optimize workflows,  Effective document management practices enable […]

April 23, 2024
Should I scan or store my documents?

It is difficult to determine the exact amount of paperwork generated by businesses in Iowa over the last several decades. However, it is safe to say that businesses have generated an enormous volume of paperwork over time and continue to do so daily. It has become unmanageable, inefficient, and cumbersome for many organizations, and even […]

April 19, 2024
What is a Document Retention Policy?

A document retention policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that outline how long different types of documents should be retained, how they should be stored, and when they should be disposed of. The policy helps your organization manage your documents throughout their lifecycle, from creation to final disposition. It ensures compliance with legal […]


Old or new, we offer solutions for the past, present, & future of your documents.

Records Storage & Retrieval

Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions is uniquely positioned to consult, plan, and execute a comprehensive records management and retention program to satisfy your Eastern Iowa company’s records management policies.

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Secure Vault Storage

Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions proudly offers a secure vaulting option that provides the ultimate protection for businesses and organizations in Eastern Iowa to ensure the survival and longevity of irreplicable and business critical information.

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Document Digitization

While secure offsite records storage is often the most cost-effective records management solution, digitizing your company’s records provides several significant benefits, including: enhanced accessibility and efficiency, space & cost savings, improved security and disaster recovery, and more!

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Document Destruction

Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions is a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), AAA Certified Information Destruction Service Provider located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and offers Eastern Iowa’s professional community a secure, low-cost alternative for the destruction or storage of records and files that no longer need to be retained.

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Micrographic Services

Microforms can provide cost savings in terms of storage space, as well as reducing the need for physical document handling and maintenance. It eliminates the need for large file cabinets, physical document transfers, and manual sorting and organizing of paper documents.

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Courier Services

Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions provide licensed and bonded courier services for organizations in Eastern Iowa for the transportation and delivery of records, documents, packages, and other items between any two locations within 90 miles of Cedar Rapids. We provide a fast, reliable, and secure means of delivering important documents to individuals, businesses, or institutions.

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Digitization of Photographic Materials

The proliferation of photographic materials in Eastern Iowa businesses and industries highlights their value as visual representations of historical events, marketing campaigns, research and development projects, and more. Such materials necessitate inclusion in records management plans to ensure their preservation, accessibility, and efficient utilization. In this context, digitization emerges as a key strategy.

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Digitization of Books & Bound Volumes

For businesses and industries spread across Eastern Iowa, dealing with books and bound volumes presents a unique challenge to efficient records management practices. A primary challenge for any records management plan is the physical storage of books and bound volumes.

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About AdvantageDS3

By effectively managing records throughout their lifecycle, Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions promotes efficiency, reduces risks, ensures compliance, and supports information governance for businesses, institutions, organizations, and agencies in Eastern Iowa and beyond.

In short: We are Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions, an Iowa based company, owned and operated by Iowans, providing business and organizations in Iowa a comprehensive solution for secure, organized, and efficient management of their physical records. By trusting your records storage needs to AdvantageDS3, you can focus on your core operations while ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and compliance of your information.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Sarah N.M. Harris

The Registrar’s Office feels confident with our choice in keeping with technology – going digital – and with our selection of Advantage to process our conversions.”

Sarah N.M. Harris

Senior Associate Registrar, University of Iowa

Sharon Gonzalez

Advantage has been a valuable partner for the scanning needs of the Linn County Treasurer’s office for many years. Their weekly pickup and delivery of our paperwork is always on time and very dependable. The ease of searching their indexing allows my employees to have immediate access to hundreds of thousands of documents at their fingertips! They are a great company to work with!”

Sharon Gonzalez

Linn County Treasurer

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