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Month: April 2024

Should I scan or store my documents?

It is difficult to determine the exact amount of paperwork generated by businesses in Iowa over the last several decades. However, it is safe to say that businesses have generated an enormous volume of paperwork over time and continue to do so daily. It has become unmanageable, inefficient, and cumbersome for many organizations, and even […]

What is a Document Retention Policy?

A document retention policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that outline how long different types of documents should be retained, how they should be stored, and when they should be disposed of. The policy helps your organization manage your documents throughout their lifecycle, from creation to final disposition. It ensures compliance with legal […]

We are Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions

Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions is Eastern Iowa’s preferred provider of services for the organization, storage, retrieval, digitization, and preservation of records and documents. Our primary purpose is to manage the lifecycle of records, from creation or receipt to eventual disposition or archival preservation. With AdvantageDS3, your records and critical documents are safe, secure, […]

Storage vs. Scanning vs.Taking a Hybrid Approach To Document Management

Secure Off-Site Records Storage: Pros: Security: Off-site document storage facilities often have enhanced security measures such as surveillance systems, restricted access, and fire suppression systems, ensuring the safety of your documents. Physical Preservation: Documents stored off-site are protected from environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and natural disasters, minimizing the risk of damage or deterioration. Cost-Effective: […]

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