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Financial Services & Banking

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Financial Services & Banking

In the highly regulated financial industry, effective document management is paramount. Managing vast amounts of paperwork, ensuring data security, and complying with industry regulations can be overwhelming for financial institutions. To address these challenges, many organizations in Eastern Iowa’s financial sector are turning to professional records management companies like ADS3 that offer comprehensive solutions, including secure offsite storage, document scanning, and NAID AAA-certified document destruction.

ADS3 has partnered with financial services providers, accounting firms, banks, credit unions, lending institutions, and more to enhance their records management strategies and streamlining workflows to address the unique challenges they face, such as:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Financial institutions must comply with various regulations, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Meeting these requirements involves efficient document management and data security, and ADS3 offers a comprehensive suite of services that allow these institutions to manage retention schedules efficiently and destroy documents securely at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Data Privacy and Security: Financial documents contain sensitive customer information, including account details, social security numbers, and transaction records. Protecting this data against unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with privacy laws is crucial. Confidential scanning of records by professional digitization technicians in ADS3’s document imaging center, highly secure 80,000-square-foot full-service records management center, and NAID AAA-certified document destruction services address these concerns.
  • Transaction Documentation: Financial institutions generate and process numerous transaction-related documents, such as loan agreements, mortgage papers, insurance policies, and investment records. Managing and organizing these documents is essential for efficient operations. Scanning these records, archiving them securely in an offsite storage facility, or a hybrid approach that includes both scanning and storage in ADS3’s Cedar Rapids records management facility as part of the organization’s disaster recovery planning and business continuity strategies, ensure access to these critical documents regardless of their physical location
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Partner With Advantage

Cedar Rapids-based Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions

is a full-service document scanning and records management company serving Eastern Iowa businesses and industries.  Our highly secure, 80,000-square-foot records management facility features a fully equipped commercial document imaging unit, a best-in-class, nationally recognized microform services division, a historical document archive and access group, and a secure document destruction service center that is NAID AAA-certified. These professional services are combined and tailored to create comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of the financial industry.


  • Secure Offsite Storage: ADS3’s offsite storage facilities provide a secure environment to store and protect financial documents, safeguarding against physical risks such as fire, water damage, or theft.
  • Document Scanning and Digitization: By converting paper documents into digital formats, financial institutions can streamline information retrieval, facilitate collaboration, and reduce reliance on physical storage space.
  • NAID AAA-Certified Document Destruction: Certified document destruction ensures that sensitive financial information is securely disposed of, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.


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Eastern Iowa Credit Unions

Local credit unions partner with ADS3 to digitize customer loan files, enabling efficient and secure access to loan documents and reducing physical storage needs.



  • Investment Firms In Eastern Iowa
  • Banks In Eastern Iowa
  • Eastern Iowa Mortgage Companies
  • Financial Planners That Serve Eastern Iowa
  • Eastern Iowa Insurance Providers
  • CPAs And Accounting Firms In Eastern Iowa
  • Wealth Management Firms In Eastern Iowa
  • Eastern Iowa’s Brokers
  • Financial Advisors In Eastern Iowa

Investment Firms In Eastern Iowa

Investment firms in Iowa leverage the offsite storage services offered by ADS3 to securely store historical transaction records for regulatory purposes, and scan them for accessibility, ensuring data preservation and easy retrieval for compliance audits and client inquiries.

Banks In Eastern Iowa

Regional banks utilize ADS3’s document scanning solutions to convert paper-based customer account opening documents into digital formats, streamlining account management processes and enhancing customer service.

Eastern Iowa Mortgage Companies

It is common practice for mortgage companies in Iowa to take a hybrid approach to their records management strategy that combines the digitization of active records, a “scan-on-demand” to access records that are retained securely offsite, and document destruction services to protect confidential borrower information, complying with data privacy regulations and safeguarding against identity theft.

Financial Planners That Serve Eastern Iowa

Financial planning firms rely on records management solutions from ADS3 to digitize and securely store client financial documents, enabling comprehensive financial analysis and streamlining document retrieval during client meetings.

Eastern Iowa Insurance Providers

Insurance agencies partner with ADS3 to convert paper policies and claims documents into digital formats, facilitating efficient claims processing and improving customer service. The documents retained for regulatory compliance are securely stored in the Cedar Rapids records management facility.

CPAs And Accounting Firms In Eastern Iowa

Accounting firms across the state utilize the document scanning and secure offsite storage services offered by ADS3 to manage client financial records, enabling efficient collaboration among accountants and enhancing data security.

Wealth Management Firms In Eastern Iowa

Firms that offer wealth management services employ sophisticated document management strategies supported by ADS3 combing document scanning, secure storage, and certified document destruction to ensure the secure management and disposal of sensitive client financial information, supporting compliance with regulatory requirements.

Eastern Iowa’s Brokers

A brokerage house will leverage the offsite storage services of ADS3 to securely store and manage client investment records, ensuring data protection and compliance with industry regulations.

Financial Advisors In Eastern Iowa

Financial advisory firms in Eastern Iowa turn to ADS3’s NAID AAA-certified document destruction services to dispose of outdated client documents, reducing the risk of data breaches and supporting compliance efforts.

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