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Eastern Iowa Labs & Research Facilities

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Services & Challenges

Labs and research facilities in Eastern Iowa play a vital role in advancing scientific knowledge and innovation. However, the extensive documentation generated during research activities can pose significant challenges to efficient document management. To address these challenges, many labs and research institutes are turning to professional records management companies like ADS3 that offer comprehensive solutions, including secure offsite storage, document scanning, and NAID AAA-certified document destruction.

Labs and research facilities leverage these services to address the unique document management challenges  they face due to the nature of their work, including:

  • Voluminous Documentation: Research activities generate large volumes of paperwork, including experiment protocols, lab notebooks, grant proposals, research reports, and intellectual property documents.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Labs handle sensitive information, including confidential research data, participant records, and proprietary information. Maintaining data security and compliance with industry regulations is paramount.
  • Collaborative Research: Many labs collaborate with external partners, universities, and funding agencies, requiring efficient sharing and tracking of research documentation.
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Secure offsite storage and document digitization services provided by ADS3 offer several benefits to labs and research facilities, including:

  • Protecting Intellectual Property: Secure document destruction ensures the confidential disposal of proprietary information, research findings, and patent-related documentation.
  • Compliance with Data Protection Regulations: Research facilities must comply with data protection laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Certified document destruction helps labs meet these regulatory requirements.
  • Controlled Access and Tracking: Advanced security measures and tracking systems ensure that only authorized personnel can access stored documents, promoting data privacy and compliance.
  • Quick and Easy Information Retrieval: Digitizing research documents allows for efficient search and retrieval, saving valuable time and enabling researchers to access information instantly.
  • Collaborative Research: Digital documents facilitate seamless collaboration among researchers, both within the same facility and across different locations.
  • Preservation and Backup: Scanned documents serve as reliable backups, mitigating the risk of data loss and preserving important research records.
  • Protection Against Loss or Damage: Offsite storage facilities safeguard valuable research documents and data from physical hazards, such as fire, water damage, or theft.

Space Optimization: By freeing up physical space through offsite storage, labs can maximize their research areas and enhance operational efficiency.

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Valuable Partners

The document management needs of Eastern Iowa’s labs and research facilities are resource intensive, and the administrators and directors of these institutions understand the crucial role played by a records management company in streamlining workflows, ensuring data security, and supporting compliance efforts. ADS3 continues to be a valuable partner to research firms, laboratories, and R&D departments in industries across Eastern Iowa, including:

  • Eastern Iowa’s Pharmaceutical Industry: A pharmaceutical research institute will leverage professional document digitization providers like ADS3 to convert paper-based laboratory notebooks and research protocols into digital formats, enabling efficient data retrieval and collaboration among scientists.
  • Agricultural Industries In Iowa: It should come as no surprise that ag research in Iowa represents a large percentage of the research data generated across the state.  Agricultural researchers in the crop protection industry, seed companies, and livestock production operations utilize secure offsite storage to safeguard seed research data, trial results, and breeding records, ensuring data protection and compliance with industry standards and employ digitization and indexing so data can be cross-referenced, retrieved, and verified with ease. It also allows researchers to collaborate with other labs doing related studies or for electronic submittal of results to governing bodies, academic institutions, and regulatory agencies.
  • The Biotechnology Sector In Eastern Iowa:  Bio-tech companies found in the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City corridor following I-380, in the Des Moines Metro, in locations along the Mississippi River in both the northern and southern corners of the state and elsewhere in Iowa have found that enhancing their document management practices through services provided by a professional records management company like ADS3 is more cost-effective and efficient than allocating internal resources manage the lifecycle of their documents. Tailored solutions that combine document scanning and secure offsite storage is the best practice in preserving confidential research records, including clinical trial data, genetic sequences, and experimental findings. Bioengineering labs often take a more comprehensive approach, including document scanning, secure offsite storage, and document destruction services to manage and protect research data, laboratory notebooks, and patents. This ensures efficient collaboration and data security and is a major component of their disaster recovery plan.
  • Eastern Iowa’s Healthcare Industry: A medical research facility employs certified document destruction services to dispose of expired patient consent forms, medical records, and sensitive research data, safeguarding patient privacy and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Educational Institutions In Iowa: University research departments use document scanning services to digitize historical research documents, enabling easy access for future research projects and academic collaborations.
  • Chemical Companies With Operations In Iowa: Chemical labs combine secure offsite storage and document scanning to streamline document archiving and retrieval processes, optimizing space utilization and enhancing research productivity.
  • The Technology Sector In Iowa: A technology research institute leverages certified document destruction services to securely dispose of outdated prototypes, confidential research reports, and sensitive business documents, ensuring data security and intellectual property protection.
  • Eastern Iowa’s Food & Beverage Industry: A food research facility or an R&D lab for a beverage company will utilize document scanning and secure offsite storage to preserve sensory evaluation data, quality control records, and product development documents, enabling comprehensive analysis and traceability.
  • Environmental Research Firms In Iowa: With an increasing focus on alternative energy sources, minimizing industries’ impact of the environment, and seeking new “green” solutions for environmentally responsible individuals and businesses, environmental research firms and divisions represent a rapidly grown industry of its own.  An environmental researcher employs 3rd party records management services to store and manage field data, research grants, and sensitive project proposals, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and maintaining environmental impact reporting. Digitization is used as both an access and collaboration tool and can also serve a role in the research lab’s business continuity and disaster recovery planning, allowing access to field data in the form of digital files even if the physical records were to become unavailable or vice versa.

Efficient document management is crucial for labs and research facilities in Eastern Iowa to enhance productivity, protect sensitive information, and support compliance efforts. By partnering with ADS3 and taking advantage of the secure offsite storage, document scanning, and certified document destruction services, these facilities can streamline workflows, optimize space utilization, and ensure data security. With comprehensive document management solutions, labs and research facilities can focus on their core mission of advancing scientific knowledge and innovation, contributing to the growth and development of Eastern Iowa’s vibrant research community.


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