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Scanning Plans to Fit Your Companies Needs

Scan on a Plan, Scan on Demand, or Scan When You Can

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Scan on a Plan

Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions offers a few plans for tackling larger scanning projects. The first is Scan on a Plan.

Scan on a plan involves storing your collection of documents with us, thus getting them out of your way and off your mind. With Scan on a Plan, you simply set the amount you want to pay, or number of documents you want scanned per month, and we take care of the rest. Before you know it, AdvantageDS3 will have all of your documents digitized in a high resolution, searchable format.

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Scan on Demand

For some companies, they just don’t necessarily need all of their documents digitized, or don’t want to do them in big chunks. If that sounds familiar, Scan on Demand might be the best option for your company.

Following it’s namesake, Scan on Demand means we’ll store your entire document collection, once again clearing it out of your office space so you don’t have to worry about. Need a specific file or collection? Just call us up and we will digitize it for you on the spot, allowing you to have digital access to the files only when necessary.

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Scan When You Can

Perhaps you don’t have a budget to get the scanning done at the moment, that’s no problem either. We’ll pick up the documents for you and store them at a very manageable price point. Then, if you have a budget surplus or receive a grant and suddenly have access to the money, let us know and we can scan up to the amount you have allocated for it. This method isn’t as consistent as Scan on a Plan, but you’ll be shocked at just how fast these chunks add up!

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