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Utility Companies

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Utility Companies in Eastern Iowa

Utility companies in Eastern Iowa understand the need to use any available resource to streamline operations. This includes partnering with a professional records management company to aid in their document management strategy to ensure regulatory compliance, protect sensitive information, and establish robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Leveraging the services of Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions (ADS3) can significantly enhance the practices of Eastern Iowa’s utility companies to manage the unique document types associated with the industry:

  • Retention Policies and Regulatory Compliance: Maintaining proper retention policies is essential for utility companies from the Mississippi River to the Des Moines metro area to comply with regulatory requirements. ADS3 can assist in managing the lifecycle of documents per the retention schedules of Eastern Iowa’s utility sector. By adhering to these schedules, utility companies can eliminate the risk of penalties or legal consequences resulting from non-compliance.
  • Information Security: The records generated and retained by utility companies contain a significant amount of sensitive information, including customer data, financial records, and operational plans. Protecting this information from unauthorized access or information breaches is paramount. ADS3 employs robust security measures in its Cedar Rapids records management center to safeguard physical and digital records, such as restricted access controls, 24/7 monitored security, and intrusion detection systems.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: Natural disasters in Eastern Iowa can potentially disrupt utility companies’ operations when their services are needed most. From the floods of 2008 to the derecho of 2020, utility companies were mobilized quickly to return services to Eastern Iowa’s communities and worked around the clock for weeks until the businesses, industries, and individuals in Iowa’s utilities were restored. A disruption in operations would have been devastating during this time of need. Utility companies can incorporate the services offered by ADS3 into their comprehensive disaster recovery plans, including creating redundant backups, offsite storage solutions, and efficient document retrieval processes. This ensures minimal downtime and facilitates a swift recovery in the face of adversity.
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Securing Utility Operations with ADS3

Combining secure offsite storage, document digitization, fireproof storage options, hybrid records management, file retrievals, courier services, and secure document destruction services offers utility companies the tools necessary to manage their unique document types effectively. ADS3 has a proven track record of assisting Eastern Iowa utility companies with services for every aspect of their document’s lifecycles, enhancing their records management strategies. Businesses like:

  • A large Midwest electric utility with offices in Cedar Rapids partnered with ADS3 to implement a secure offsite storage solution for their sizable record archive and leverage the ADS3 commercial imaging center to digitize their engineering drawings and schematics. This protected their valuable intellectual property, ensured their customer’s confidential data stayed that way, and provided efficient document retrieval for maintenance purposes.
  • An Eastern Iowa water utility collaborated with ADS3 to create a disaster recovery plan that included offsite storage for critical operational records. The plan helped the company quickly restore services after a severe flooding event in 2008. More recently, they have leveraged the document scanning resources of ADS3 to implement a digitization strategy for their infrastructure plans, enabling quick access to crucial documents during maintenance and repair operations.
  • An alternative energy start-up located near Iowa City leveraged the expertise of a ADS3 to develop a retention policy in compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) guidelines as they work towards integration with local utilities. This ensured proper management for compliance and improved audit readiness.
  • An Eastern Iowa electric cooperative based near the Iowa and Minnesota border implemented a document digitization strategy utilizing the services of ADS3. This initiative improved inter-departmental collaboration and enabled remote access to critical records, increasing operational efficiency and enhancing their information security measures. They safeguarded customer data and followed industry regulations by implementing strict access controls and encryption protocols.
  • A power co-op in rural Benton County utilizes ADS3’s services to conduct routine document shredding and destruction, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and protecting sensitive member information.
  • A company in central Iowa that focuses on supporting the infrastructure needs of power companies and electric utilities nationwide implemented a comprehensive business continuity plan incorporating several of the services provided by ADS3. This includes redundant backups, offsite storage, and remote document access, enabling seamless operations during unforeseen disruptions.

Utility companies in Eastern Iowa can significantly benefit from leveraging the services of a professional records management company. By implementing efficient document management practices, these companies can ensure regulatory compliance, enhance information security, and establish robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Implementing successful records management strategies, as exemplified by local utility companies in Eastern Iowa, paves the way for streamlined operations and improved efficiency in the industry. Contact ADS3 today and explore a partnership that will enhance your utility company’s document management practices and allow you to focus your time, energy, and resources on providing quality utility services to businesses and individuals in Eastern Iowa.

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Utility companies must have reliable business continuity plans incorporated into their records management plans to ensure uninterrupted service delivery, streamline day-to-day operations, aid in resource planning, protect their customer’s privacy, and ensure compliance. ADS3 can contribute to these efforts by implementing customized approaches to offsite storage, records scanning, or hybrid records management strategies. These offerings can be tailored to the unique needs of the utility sector in Eastern Iowa, combining elements of ADS3’s core service offerings to enhance a utility company’s records management plan, allowing for seamless access to critical records during regular operations and emergencies. ADS3 is the trusted provider of choice for Eastern Iowa’s utility industry for document lifecycle management services, including:

  • Secure Offsite Storage
  • Document Digitization
  • File Retrievals and Courier Services
  • Secure Document Destruction Services

Secure Offsite Storage

ADS3 offers secure offsite storage in a full-service, 80,000-square foot records management facility in Cedar Rapids equipped with climate-controlled document storage, a microfilm vault maintained to ANSI/AIIM standards, open-shelf storage for actively managed files, climate-stable archival storage for historical document collections, object storage, and an ultra-secure fireproof FireLock vault for media storage and irreplaceable documents. Access to these specialized storage areas is strictly controlled, and the facility is monitored around the clock for unauthorized access, fire, and environmental changes. ADS3’s infrastructure is designed to protect physical records from disasters and unauthorized access, providing utility companies with peace of mind knowing their vital documents are safeguarded in a controlled environment.

Document Digitization

Digitizing paper-based documents enables utility companies to reduce physical storage requirements, streamline document retrieval, and enhance employee collaboration. ADS3’s fully equipped commercial imaging center employs advanced scanning technologies operated by experienced digitization technicians to convert physical records into searchable digital formats, improving accessibility and efficiency. The imaging technicians are experienced in converting documents of any type, age, and condition in a secure environment, ensuring privileged information and confidential data protection.

File Retrievals and Courier Services

Quick and reliable document retrievals are essential for utility companies to support smooth operations. ADS3 provides efficient and timely file retrieval services, ensuring that vital documents are readily available when needed. Additionally, on-demand courier services enable secure document transportation between utility company locations on an urgent or routine basis.

Secure Document Destruction Services

Utility companies handle sensitive information that requires proper disposal to prevent data breaches. ADS3 provides NAID AAA-certified document destruction services, ensuring secure and compliant disposal of physical records and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data leaks. The NAID AAA certification requires ADS3 to conduct background checks on its employees and provide ongoing training, ensuring that personnel handling confidential documents are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and professionalism. With ADS3’s shredding services, utility companies reduce the risk of internal security breach potential for employees to mishandle or intentionally misuse confidential information, adding an extra layer of protection. ADS3 also has eco-friendly processes to recycle shredded paper, minimizing the environmental impact and supporting sustainability initiatives.

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