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We are Advantage Document Scanning & Storage Solutions

Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions is Eastern Iowa’s preferred provider of services for the organization, storage, retrieval, digitization, and preservation of records and documents. Our primary purpose is to manage the lifecycle of records, from creation or receipt to eventual disposition or archival preservation.

With AdvantageDS3, your records and critical documents are safe, secure, efficiently managed & economically stored. We offer a full-service records management center in Cedar Rapids.

What Does Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions Do?

  • We provide secure offsite records storage: Our 80,000 square foot records center located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa provides a secure and controlled environments for storing physical records, such as paper documents, files, bound volumes, microforms, or digital mediums, to ensure easy access and protection from damage, theft, or unauthorized access. Our locally owned and operated facility is purpose-built for document management and is equipped with motion detectors, magnetic locks, smoke and heat detectors, glass break detectors, a high-density fire suppression system, and surveillance cameras. We offer highly secure vaulting options for storage of business-critical information and data that requires extra protection.
  • We ensure your records are easily accessible: When authorized individuals or departments require specific records, the Advantage retrieves them promptly. This involves locating the requested records, verifying access rights, and delivering them in a timely manner. 
  • We help manage your records retention and disposition schedules: Records have predefined retention periods based on legal, regulatory, or business requirements. Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions ensures that records are retained for the required period and are disposed of appropriately when they reach the end of their lifecycle. This may involve secure destruction methods for physical records or archiving of historical records.
  • We help facilitate your compliance and risk management policies: Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. We will help you identify and establish policies and procedures to govern records management practices, maintain audit trails, and implement security measures to protect sensitive information to mitigate legal and operational risks associated with records management.
  • We provide digital conversion solutions for your documents, records, and microforms: In addition to physical records, Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions an industry leader in converting paper documents, photographic materials, bound volumes, microforms, and more, into digital formats. Our digitization process enables clients in Eastern Iowa and beyond to access and manage records electronically, improving accessibility and reducing the reliance on physical storage.
  • We offer services that improve accessibility: Records are typically classified and indexed to facilitate efficient retrieval. The center establishes classification schemes, metadata standards, or indexing systems to categorize physical or electronic records based on their content, date, subject, or other relevant attributes. This helps in organizing and locating records quickly when needed.
  • We offer nationally recognized expertise in records preservation and archiving: Some records hold long-term or historical value and may be preserved for research, reference, or legal purposes. The management center may establish archival processes to protect and preserve such records, including climate-controlled environments, specialized storage materials, or digitization efforts to ensure long-term accessibility and integrity.

By effectively managing records throughout their lifecycle, Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions promotes efficiency, reduces risks, ensures compliance, and supports information governance for businesses, institutions, organizations, and agencies in Eastern Iowa and beyond.

In short: We are Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions, an Iowa based company, owned and operated by Iowans, providing business and organizations in Iowa a comprehensive solution for secure, organized, and efficient management of their physical records. By outsourcing your records storage needs to Advantage DS3, you can focus on your core operations while ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and compliance of your information.

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