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What is a Document Retention Policy? Why Storing at A NAID AAA Facility Matters

A document retention policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that outline how long different types of documents should be retained, how they should be stored, and when they should be disposed of. The policy helps your organization manage your documents throughout their lifecycle, from creation to final disposition. It ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, reduces legal risks, and facilitates efficient document management.

The policy should identify different categories or types of documents and records within the organization. Examples may include financial records, contracts, human resources files, customer records, legal documents, and operational documents. Your policy should specify the length of time that each category of document should be retained. 

Retention periods may be determined based on legal requirements, industry standards, contractual obligations, or internal business needs. For instance, financial records may need to be retained for a certain number of years for tax purposes.

Your organization’s document retention policy should outline the appropriate storage and security measures for different types of documents. It may specify requirements for physical document storage, such as secure vaulting, or off-site storage, as well as digital document storage, such as encryption, access controls, and backup procedures. It should also describe the methods and procedures for document disposal and destruction. This may include guidelines for shredding physical documents, deleting or purging digital files, or utilizing secure document destruction services. It should address the process of ensuring that sensitive information is properly destroyed and cannot be reconstructed or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

To ensure legal and regulatory compliance your organization’s policy should consider applicable laws, regulations, and industry-specific requirements related to document retention and disposal. It should ensure that the organization adheres to these legal obligations, such as data protection, privacy, financial, and recordkeeping requirements.

A well-designed document retention policy helps organizations maintain control over their information assets, promotes efficient document management, and mitigates legal and security risks associated with document retention and disposal.  

When you choose Advantage Document Scanning and Storage Solutions as your provider, you can leverage our expertise and resources to develop and maintain a robust document retention policy that meets legal requirements, enhances operational efficiency, and safeguards your sensitive information throughout its lifecycle. AdvantageDS3 can help you establish procedures for monitoring and periodic review of the document retention practices ensuring ongoing compliance and effectiveness, develop a blueprint as to how we can help you manage to your policy, and offer suggestions as to how to improve, or if needed, amended it to reflect changes in laws, regulations, or business requirements. We will securely store physical documents in in our locally owned and operated facility and provide efficient retrieval services when needed, ensuring that your documents are properly managed and easily accessible during their retention period. At the end of the document’s defined lifecycle, as set forth in the policy and when authorized by you to do so, AdvantageDS3 will dispose of the physical documents securely and in compliance with privacy and data protection regulations to ensure that sensitive information is irreversibly destroyed and provide you with certificates of destruction for audit purposes.

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